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Puppy Parties

Give your precious lil pup the time of their life!

You may have heard about our awesome Puppy Parties and rightly so – it’s a wonderful two hour party that is a perfect way to socialise your young puppy regardless if they’re already very confident or need to experience different experiences to help them gain confidence.

We host Puppy Parties every other month on Saturday mornings from 10am – 12noon. It is fun, educational, safe and you get a great puppy party goody bag to take home with you!

  • Learn more on Puppy Biting
  • Recall Advice
  • Tour the crèche
  • Meet other new puppy owners
  • Learn about products (not sold at crèche) that can help as your pup grows
  • Puppy party goody bag worth over £50.00


*For all puppies up to age 6 months that are fully vaccinated.

Our Puppy Parties are usually a sell out so call 01449 706456 for more details and get booked in!