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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about doggy daycare...


What days of the week are you open?

A: Currently we are open Monday through Friday and closed on Bank Holidays.


What are your opening hours?

A: 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday are the official open hours, however we have several clients that need an early drop off and that’s okay, just let us know.


How do I register my dog for daycare?

A: Easy peasy, call us on 01449 706456 or 07814219025, or message us to make an appointment to register. It will take around 20 minutes. We will have you fill out a detailed form and we will temperament test your dog, we also need a copy of their vaccination card.


Do you accept a Titre Test?

A: Yes, but we must have a copy of the scores and a letter from your vet stating that their levels are providing an adequate protection.


What is the ratio of people to dogs?

A: Our ratio’s are a minimum of 1: 10 and on most occasions even better than this. We have a lot of staff, an average day would have 1:7!


Is there a maximum number of dogs allowed?

A: Yes, we are licensed on day care for 60 dogs per day


How much is dog daycare?

A: We offer a number of flexible options, both pay-as-you-go and pre-paid. Half days are £17.50, full days are £26.50 and pre-paid 20-day packages (non-refundable) are available at a discounted cost of £450** (bringing the day rate down to £22.50).

We believe our prices are fantastic value for money, especially if you consider a dog-walker could charge £15 for just one hour.


How does mealtime work?

A: Food is prepared exactly the way the pet parent has requested and given during lunch time.


Do dogs fight?

A: No, they are all temperament tested to ensure that they are the right fit for group dog care. Sadly we are not able to pass all dogs, our fail rate is a little over 30% as safety will always be placed first.


How safe is the dog creche?

A: Very! We are a very strategic, well thought out, unique facility operating under the American business model that owners Arrin & Julie studied immensely whilst living in America.

All dogs run freely together (we do not cage nor kennel). All dogs are placed into playrooms based on their energy, play-style and size so that they can thrive and have loads of confidence in their own environment. We collate national insurance statistics that record insurance claims made for dog on dog injuries and we do not accept the highest causing breeds.

We will always put Safety First, no matter what that is always top priority.


Have you had any incidents?

A: We can proudly say that our vet can verify that we have NEVER had to take a dog to the vet because of any altercation between dogs. We would also be obliged to report any incidents to Environmental Health and again our records with them for safety and compliance are at 100%. We are also claim-free with our insurers and hold a 100% clear track record with them, no incidents whatsoever!


Can I have a tour?

A: Of course, we always offer a “tour” and you don’t need an appointment for this. We have a viewing panel with one way glass into one of our Activity Rooms and we can show you the outside areas as well. Transparency is key, after all, we’re taking care of your loved one and we want you to be happy!


Is there an expiry on pre-paid days?

A: They never expire so take your time.


Is there an outside area?

A: Yes, we have two large outside play areas which are fully secure.


Does my dog have to be a member of the creche to use the Grooming Spa?

A: No! The spa is open to all doggies, even those who do not attend creche.


Can my dog come to one of the puppy parties

A: All puppies up to age 6 months that are fully vaccinated are welcome at our puppy parties. Book quickly as these sell out fast!

**Please note, pre-paid packages are at a discounted rate and are non-refundable. These cannot be transferred to another dog and remain subject to dogs passing the temperment test.

Call us on 01449 706456 or 07814 219025 with any more questions you may have. Or drop us a message on Facebook!