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About Needham Canine Adventures

We give every dog an amazing experience at every visit

Early 2017, owner Julie brought doggy day care to the Needham Market area knowing that with her and her team's vision, passion and the humongous 8,000 square feet facility they could create a “dogtopia.”

By mid 2019, Needham Canine Adventures has grown into an amazing team of 10 ‘Aunties’ and ‘Uncles’, who are always being guided hands-on by Julie.

Witnessing and enjoying each individual dog's personality allows us to foster a unique experience daily. We love each dog as if they were our own and it is an honour being able to facilitate one amazing creche family.

Part of the family...

Our team of dog care professionals provide a safe and fully supervised environment. Team members must complete rigorous training on dog body language and behaviour.

Our playroom attendants aren’t just watchdogs; they are certified pack leaders dedicated to giving your dog a day filled with socialisation, education and exercise.

We believe that by creating the right environment and enriching experience for each dog, we can improve their well being thus creating a happier dog and a happier pet parent relationship.